About us

About us

We are an Italian-Catalan couple who, following our dream of living in the countryside and leaving our management jobs behind, came to this beautiful valley. Little by little our love for the valley and its people increased. Our first project were the holiday rental flats. We designed them with all our heart and thinking as if we were going to live there ourselves. Every corner and every detail was designed to make the guests feel at home.

But as the months went by we felt that something was missing and we wanted to give a boost to the culinary offer of the area. We have Rome and Catalunya in our hearts and from there we bring the aromas and flavours from every corner of Italy to Àger.

We have designed a beautiful space for our customers to be delighted in our restaurant. You will be able to taste the different varieties of handmade "pinsas" that we have in our menu, always using seasonal ingredients and products of Italian origin.

Our speciality is "pinsa" al taglio or entire "pinsa" either to take away or eat in our restaurant, as well as Italian pasta, salads, antipasti, cured meats and cheese tables. 100% Italian cuisine.

To top it all off enjoy our typical desserts brought directly from Italy: sufflé, cannolo, gelato, "pinsa" Nutella or pistachio cream and much more.

All of this in a familiar and typically Italian atmosphere.


Cal Carameler House
Carrer La Coma, 6
25691 Àger (Lleida)